Education in Profiling

Wednesday, November 20, 2013 11:00 AM 0

Under this link we found that our norwegian friends has blogged about sharpening, prosharp and their love to it. I Translate it here:


"There is no end to how much enthusiasm and commitment have been the last time in the grinding booth. Every afternoon is people around both the old and the new stand almost entirely. They are eager to discuss radii , sliding surfaces , and other things that are important to the skates of our players. Paul Snare from U15 is the driving force of this group his the one that has started to work with this. He is also the club's new person responsible for skate sharpening and has given courses and training materials for many equipment manager already .

The old booth now modernized and re-emerged as the cleanest grinding department with modern equipment. Paul and executives from several teams have helped in the process of renovating the grinding room, and new knowledge to provide all athletes alike opportunity to develop their skating.

Paul has been educated by Oliver Haug ( as you see in the picture ) , a highly skilled skate sharpener from Malung IK in Sweden. He has many Swedish elite players on his CV and assisted Swedish Ice Hockey Association in a few years since the team's training program for sharpeners.

Oliver has alot of knowledge about the Swedish Hockey league (SHL)  and has very generously agreed to share their knowledge.

He say that the equipment manager should adjust the skates properly through dialogue with the players and their coach."


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