Education cooperation with Swedish Ice Hockey Federation

Saturday, September 29, 2012 10:19 AM 0

The Swedish Ice Hockey Federation and ProSharp have in a cooperation educated successfully 220 equipment managers throughout whole Sweden.

Swedish Ice Hockey Federation understands the importance of proper blade profiling and skate sharpening as a crucial part in developing your game & on ice performance. Therefore it is important for the federation to spread out this information widely across the whole country to make sure no matter on what level the equipment managers are working that players from youngsters to elite will have the needed knowledge inside their team.

The head lecturer from the Swedish hockey federation side of this course has been Mr. Ulf "Uffe" Jernspets, "The Grand Old Man" of the equipment industry. One lecture about blade profiling and sharpening took always around 4 hours so almost all possible aspects on high quality skate blade maintenance were deeply coevered.

During fall 2012 ProSharp personnel and "Uffe" travelled across Sweden from south to north to make sure all 220 participants will get up-to-date information on today's blade maintenance trends and technology. 




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